Bloods Point Cemetery

Bloods Point Cemetery - Boone County, IL

This webpage is dedicated to Bloods Point Cemetery, a cemetery that is in danger of becoming lost in time forever. Vandals have chosen this cemetery as a late night hang out area, as a result the cemetery has nearly been completely destroyed. Bloods Point Cemetery was founding in 1836 in rural Boone County, and to this day has never received a dollar of government funding. All maintenance and upkeep has been provided by donations and volunteer service, but the time has come that we need to step up and reclaim this historic cemetery for the families of those who have departed us. In the summer of 2010, Bloods Point Cemetery had a partial restoration started to repair the fence line, gates, and remove the shed in the back. But sadly the restoration stopped there and vandals swooped in to continue their merciless destruction. Visit the Bloods Point Cemetery Facebook page for more information on upcoming restoration efforts for both Bloods Point any other cemeteries surrounding it.

Bloods Point Restoration Project

GhostHunter Dan Norvell and Ghosthunter Larry Eissler have joined forces and created the Bloods Point Restoration Project. The project (once initiated in the summer of 2010) was only a partial success in protecting the cemetery from the onslaught of destruction due to reckless vandals. The gates and fences were repaired and replaced, the shed was torn down, and many stones were rescued when the weeds were cut back to the fence line. Sadly in the winter of 2011 the cemetery was under attack again, but for those who missed their chance the first time can be a part of the project as we push forward with another restoration effort. Project details will be revealed as time goes on, expect to hear more updates as we progress further into the summer months. All updates will be posted on our Facebook page for all out followers to view and comment on.




Other Illinois Restoration Projects

Bloods point is slowly coming together, and although we're looking to revisit the cemetery we're looking for other cemeteries that are in need of our services. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know and we'll pick one by the start of Spring 2012. Cemeteries should be rural cemeteries either inside or just outside of small towns, and must have been neglected for long periods of time. Although a cemetery that's been recently damaged is just as equally disrespectful, we must give cemetery caretakers time to make restorations on their own. It's the cemeteries who's caretakers have lost interest that we want to save.

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